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Your face shape is


Your facial features:

Your face is characteristically similar to the oval, but is slightly longer. It may look like you have an oval face shape with a longer or masculine forehead.

This elongated shape is a well-balanced face shape with relatively equal proportions, but often with a higher forehead. With this shape, your forehead, cheekbones and jaw will be almost the same width with gentle curves.

The difference between the oblong shape and the rectangle shape is that the oblong shape has round, soft sides while the rectangle shape has straight, angular sides.

When choosing jewelry that suits your face shape, it is important to choose the elements that add width to the entire face and help to shorten the overall length of the face.

Jewelry that is chokers or worn high and short earrings will help you with this.

Blush / blush should be applied in such a way that it goes more horizontally than it does vertically. Using the blush in the vertical direction can actually increase the overall length that you are trying to reduce. You can also apply blush wider than other face shapes. But do not put the color too far into the cheekbones, otherwise it will quickly give the face a narrowness instead of a more proportionate illusion.

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You can look good in both short or long hair, but preferably with waves or curls. Volume on the pages is a must. Many people think that they do not want to increase the width of their face, but it has nothing to do with the face. It’s just to maximize the balance and bring out the natural beauty in your features.

Try going for a style that highlights your favorite facial features. Center separation is not recommended. Wearing a side parting, with bangs swept over to the side is a great look. Pile cut just above or even the pissed off will visually shorten your face. Short hair can give the illusion of a shorter forehead, and long hair can give focus to your eyes.

Unlike those with a round face, someone with a long face should stick to hairstyles that add width to the face and fringe to help shorten the overall length. Wearing hair with long curls or waves is the best way to achieve this. Having this creates fullness and reduces the length visually. If your hair is straight, go for phased grading at the eye and cheekbone level to add texture and fullness.

The best short hairstyles:

Short hair is fine as long as the volume is on the sides of the face instead of upwards. A wedge clip or short chin-length wavy bob will look great. Use styles that add width to the narrow face.

A great hairstyle are those that have heavy upper layers that fall softly into a rounder shape. Bangs work to visually halve the vertical length of the face and make the chin look shorter and more balanced. This is a style that you can try no matter what texture you have on your hair.

The best medium hairstyles:

Your face’s ideal hair length is actually to the neck with both volume and width present. A fuller cut frames the face by narrowing at the neck and giving a visual impression of a fuller face.

Chin-length bobs, messy hairstyles, and curls will also visually add width to narrow faces.

The best long hairstyles:

Soft, wavy and long hairstyles really suit your oblong face shape. Bangs help to shorten the overall length of the face and draping helps to add fullness and suppleness that creates the required width.

Hairstyles to Avoid:

Many people who are looking for hairstyles for oblong face shape have instead increased the length of their face by reducing the visibility of bangs and by creating height in the upper and front part of the hair. This should be avoided.

It is better to create a creative fringe, than to remove the fringe completely. If you have a few extra pounds and feel round in your face, you may want to stay away from the heaviest and thickest bangs but rather go for side bangs instead.

Avoid center dividers that divide your shape into two longer portions.

Avoid height and short layers on the crown and top of your head. This can make your face longer. Do not have your hair long and straight, as this will only emphasize your long face.

Do not have styles that frame your face or styles that add height to the top of your head. This will make your face even narrower.

Having long hair well past your shoulders will require a lot of waving, blow-drying, shaking and styling to add enough fullness, unless you are blessed with natural volume and curls.