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Your Health Starts From Your Gut: Remedies To Keep It Striving

What is gut health, and why is it so important for our wellbeing? Gut health refers to the level of wellbeing of our intestine and digestive tract, and is highly linked to the variety of microbiota (also referred to as bacteria or microorganisms) living in our gut. In fact, the intestinal microbiome can be inhabited …

Obesity and weight gain: a burden on your health

Piling up the weight can happen as life gets busier, although keeping an eye on weight gain can help you prevent or reduce the risk of developing a multitude of other health issues correlated with this phenomenon, such as increased blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and joint pain. The onset of these diseases …

What you did NOT know about ketosis and the secret behind optimal fat burning!

It is a known fact that a low carb diet helps on both weight and pain. But are you one of those who have tried low carb without seeing the results you wanted on the scales? Do not despair, this post gives you an insight into a very important secret behind real fat burning. If …